CasEngine – is a team of professional web-creators, web-engineers, marketing experts, managers and businessmen, who united by a common goal - the creation of innovating working algorithms in the online gambling.
Every day we process the huge amount of data, integrate new game systems, work on own systems, look for new partners and try to get the maximum efficiency rate of our products.
Web CasEngine
Casino Management System

The product Web CasEngine is a new generation of casino management systems in real life and its online prototype.

Using our platform, you can start a business project in the shortest time.

Sportbook CasEngine
Sportbook - sport bettings

The product Sportbook CasEngine is a great product for the start and expansion your business in the online gambling industry.

The platform automatically selects the best odds and events by connecting data streams from world bookmakers.

Mobile CasEngine
Mobile applications for ANDROID/IOS/WINDOWS

The product Mobile CasEngine are irreplaceable tool in the modern world. The need of the using this platform is increasing together with the growth of the acquisition of modern mobile communication devices.

Mobility is the main criterion for the success of the company, and we are ready to help you with this.

Games CasEngine

CasEngine team is a successful provider of all known games in gambling industry, which were collected from all parts of the continent and popular nowadays.

We are ready to cooperate with new suppliers, who are actively developing in the gambling business.

Marketing and progress
Marketing and progress

Making developing strategy for the development of your project and launch profitable marketing campaigns.

Outsourcing and consulting
Outsourcing and consulting

We provide a full range of services for your business.


Active assistance in obtaining a license in Curacao, Cagayan and in other countries.

Support (Help)
Support (Help)

The full technical support of project and support for customers.

Gambling is a union of all casino games in the world. Online gambling has appeared with the development of online business and the internet. Today this is the most popular destination in the life of the users who are so loving comfort.

Why is online gambling has become so popular?

Online gambling is an exemption from territorial, unlimited time frame and full availability to all segments of the population.

The main advantages of online gambling:

  • Coverage of the territory of the entire area of the globe;
  • Easy access from all over the world;
  • Unlimited access time;
  • Ability to connect with all types of devices.
casino_graph1 casino_graph2
Indicators players costs by types of games
The graph on the left side you can see our own analysis, that was formulated in terms of the loss of players in different gambling game. The gambling market is pronounced progress here, which is growing every year the big jumps.
Your goal now - take your place in the niche of the gambling business!
The success of the gambling business in different countries
The diagram on the right shows, that online gambling has already become a popular type of business in Asia, the US and Europe. The CIS countries and Russia has had below averages, this has a meaning, that today you have a less stiff competition and a great chance to become the most successful businessman of the country! And we can help you with building your own company.
Be the best in online gambling today and earn your first million!
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